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The smell of fresh rain, freshly-brewed coffee, fresh bread baking, freshly-laundered clothes….
The refreshed feeling after a shower and rest following a long, hot, hard-worked day….
The taste of a hot fresh meal to feed the body….
Fresh has everything to do with the smell, taste, quality, condition of something.  It’s always better fresh.  Advertising uses the word constantly because it appeals to our senses and desires.  We all want FRESH!  Not used up, worn out, old.  And not only do we want what’s fresh, we needit.
But we find ourselves living on yesterday’s energy, yesterday’s leftovers, yesterday’s rest.  We try to exist and function on yesterday’s hope, yesterday’s dreams, yesterday’s promises.  We feast on the leftovers of yesterday longing for the original, fresh, hot, tasty meal.
There’s a fascinating story in the Bible (Exodus chapter 16 if you want to read it) about leftovers.  The Israelites were still wandering in the wilderness and were hungry, so God tells their leader Moses that He will send manna (some really tasty yummy fresh bread-type stuff) straight from heaven and they are to get their baskets and gather enough for that day to feed themselves.  God also tells them that if they gather any leftovers, they will spoil and become rotten.  And that’s exactly what happens.  God sends food, enough for that day, and those that take extra finds that it becomes wormy and spoiled.  He sent just enough for each day’s need.
We try to satisfy our soul with yesterday’s miracle, yesterday’s word, yesterday’s manna from heaven, yesterday’s promise when God will and does send enough for each day.  A fresh, new, sweet, tasty word, straight from heaven to feed our soul and spirit.
It’s interesting to me that the Israelites never sat around waiting for God to send the manna.  They woke up each morning and before the dew burned off the ground, the manna was there for their taking.  God didn’t tell them that HE would fill their baskets for them, only that He would provide for their need and THEY had to do the taking.  God is all about FRESH!


Get your baskets ready! A fresh word and promise awaits you for this day!  And tomorrow, get your baskets, a fresh new word and promise will be awaiting you….and the next day, and the next.