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I have missed writing on my blog. Mainly because I love to write.  But the past week I have had a fairly good reason for not posting anything.  You see, I have been a little busy…..writing!  Yes, I was too busy to write because I was busy writing.  Sounds a bit strange but I will explain in a bit….

My last post was filled with a soul-searching question.  Remember?  Eric LIddell’s quote from Chariots of Fire,

“I believe God made me __________ and when I __________, I feel His pleasure.”

So how do you fill in those blanks?  What are you doing when you feel His pleasure?  I am in a continual state of discovering a truth that I wish I could impart to everyone!  

We get so wrapped up in and defined by what we do that we tend to forget WHO WE ARE.
Essentially, it’s all about the BEING and not the DOING.  So I will pose the question this way:  Who were you made to BE,  and how does that affect what you DO?

We get that so turned around at times until we DO to try to find out who we ARE.  Dr. Seuss says it best:

This week I settled something with myself.  No more will I operate my life out of DOING, but out of BEING. I believe in God, I believe God created people, and I believe God created people to fulfill a purpose while we are on this planet.  We are not robots, mistakes, “oops,” or afterthoughts.

WE ARE NOT THE “P. S.” AT THE END OF LIFE’S LETTER. (That was pretty good; I just made that up!)

LIddell filled in the blanks like this, “I believe God made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure.”  Yes, God made him fast, but He made ERIC LIDDELL fast, and able to run, and able to feel God’s pleasure when he did what he was made to do.

My challenge is for us to be able to say: “I believe God made me __(your name here)__, and when I _______, I feel His pleasure.”  

So back to why I was too busy writing to write on my blog…..I believe God made me Trudy, and when I write I feel HIs pleasure. I have discovered how to fill in those blanks.  I know that God made me to communicate with the written word and when I write, I feel His pleasure.  And that’s what I have been doing. Writing, and finally publishing in e-book form my first of three books in a fictional series.  (You will find the links at the end of this post to my new book.)

This doesn’t mean that I am no longer a wife, mom, home-school teacher, chef, taxi driver, menu-planner, shopper, etc…..But it does mean that I am not DEFINED by the doing.  I am still the “You” God made me to be.  And all that I do, whether it is writing, mommy-ing, wife-ing, or cooking, I feel His pleasure because those things no longer define ME but are expressions and actions of WHO I am.

How did you fill in the blank?


Links to my 2 e-books.  The first one is titled RESCUED:  ALASKA’S ALEUTIAN ISLAND SERIES (BOOK 1).  The following is taken from the book’s description on Amazon: 

“Living on Datka Island, Alaska provides its own set of challenges and hardships for Rose, her family, and her community. Rose struggles to understand the changes going on around her and is determined to find out who she really is. Her brother and his friends find themselves entering a world that affects the entire Island, bringing harm to its inhabitants and to themselves. Hoping for help beyond reach, a group of missionaries to their island shows up with relief and aid. Relationships spark as the hard work begins for the missionaries and the Aleutians on Datka. 

Readers will fall in love with Rose, a beautiful, young, Aleutian lady and Gabriel, in his early twenties, who is determined to discover what his life is all about. Gabe works with his parents and other American missionaries to bring aid and relief to their beloved Alaskan friends. 

“Rescued” (Book 1 of the series) will hold the attention of readers of all ages until the final page, leaving you expectant for the next book in the series. Written for teens to older adults, “Rescued” will offer hope and healing and will reignite belief in God and mankind.”

The second is a short story (the first e-book I published) about a teen-aged girl who learns to love and appreciate the simple things in life, a lesson she learns through a boy with Down’s Syndrome