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I have found myself using this word often lately….GRACE.

My dear cousin asked for some homeschooling advice for her 2 little girls and after 20+ years of homeschooling experience you would think I could be much more wise and clever than I was but I heard these 3 words in my head and it’s the advice she received, “GRACE AND PLAYDOUGH!”  I advised her she would need lots of both, for herself and for the girls.  (Playdough can be great adult therapy!)

This week I told a dear friend who was struggling with her children, “Give yourself some GRACE. Parenting is tough! You won’t get it right every time.”

I told my son, “You sister needs you to give her some GRACE.  She’s not as old as you are.”

And I have told myself, “Give yourself some GRACE! Good heavens, you need it!” (Yes, I talk to myself.)

Grace and playdough.  The things that make life easier, richer, do-able for our little ones.

Grace and rest.  The things that make us able to face another day and all of its challenges.

Grace and peace. The things that hold our relationships together when they get rocky.

Grace and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  The things that keep a busy mother sane when she just wants to get dinner on the table and lay down.

Grace and patience.  The things that give us the extra will power to remain calm in the face of frustrations.

So what is GRACE? My favorite definition goes something like this:  God’s empowering presence that enables us to accomplish what we couldn’t apart from Him.

Extend it to yourself, to others.  And mix in a little playdough when needed.