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Life is full of those moments.  The one’s we most often miss.  I am reminded today of such moments.  As of yesterday, my mentor now resides in Heaven and while she is rejoicing with the angels and reunited with loved ones and worshipping her Lord and Savior, I am remembering.
I remember the lady, only 14 years older than me, who accepted me, loved me, believed in me, a skinny, unsure, questioning, preteen. She didn’t miss the moment.  She asked me questions. She wanted to know me and what made me tick.  But she did it in a way that helped me discover who I was.
What’s your favorite color?  She made sure we had this color when we painted.
What food do you like?  This was a dish we would prepare together in the future.
Have you ever read this author? If I hadn’t, then a copy of the book would be in my hands.
What are your dreams?  I had to search deep inside to discover them and tell her the next time we were together.
What do you want to do when you are older? Again, more searching.
I was able to express my fears and doubts to her, those hidden self-doubts that tend to paralyze, especially a young girl.  One day she gave me a poster with a ballerina on it with these words:


Laura Brown Tucker drove this home to my young floundering heart.  All the while asking and proclaiming, “What do you imagine, what do you believe? Well then, you can achieve it and do it!”
Today I am remembering…..Laura, my mentor.
Today I am wondering……who am I affecting and mentoring as she did for me?
Do not let all of the precious ones that cross our paths slip by unnoticed or untouched.  Their lives matter, just like yours and mine.
Who are you believing in? To whom are you asking those deep, soul-searching questions? Who is in need of you? Inspire them, reach them, ask them, dream with them, and most of all, believe in them.
Thank you, Laura.

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