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The “Green Bean Experiment” has taught me a lot.  Not just how seeds grow and what they need to grow.  But it has taught me a life lesson I want to share with you.
A little about my experiment with my daughter…..
We took 3 cups and planted green bean seeds in each of them. One we put in the sunlight and watered it.  The second one we put in a dark place and gave it water too. The third we put in a dark place and gave it no water.  I knew the outcome of this experiment but my 8 year old needed to see and learn the affects of sunlight and water on seeds and plants. 
In a couple of weeks all 3 cups had sprouted various stages of plants, of course the one with water and light did remarkably well. The other two spouted plants too and over the course of the next week the two WITHOUT the light grew taller than the one WITH light.  
The differences in the water/light and the 2 cups without light were interesting. The one that received sunshine was shorter than the other two.  The two that didn’t receive sun were much taller BUT were very pale in color. There was no green in them at all. They were a pale yellowish/white on their stems and leaves.  
The one that was in the sun was vibrant green and had more leaves and curly tendrils ready to climb and grow. 
We decided to see what would happen if we put the two “sickly” colored taller plants in the sun.  Both of us  guessed that in a matter of a few days that maybe they would start greening up and looking healthier.  So we put them in the same window as the healthy plant and in a matter of 3 HOURS they were completely green!!! I had no idea that they would transform that quickly! Within a few days they began growing the curly tendrils for climbing and growing more leaves, like the healthy plant.
So here’s my life lesson, one that I hope I remember always.  I could see that we are much like these plants. When we come out of the darkness and face the SON and bask in His light and warmth then we receive LIFE much like these plants. And it doesn’t take long to see the results of being in His presence in our lives!! When we are in the presence of our Savior, we are transformed, given life, health, growth that matters, and then fruit can come forth. 
I began to see why the plants without the sun were taller than the one in the sun.  All of the plants energy was focused on growth in the stems of the plant, reaching for light not to be found, and not focused in the important areas like new leaves, tendrils, flowers, and eventually beans! It could only focus on growing taller because of the lack of the much needed sun, just what it was searching for.  HEIGTH IN A PLANT DOES NOT REPRESENT HEALTH!!  Health is seen in the color, leaves, tendrils, new growth, buds, flowers, fruit!!
Interestingly, when you put a plant near the sun, it will ALWAYS turns its flowery-face or leaves towards the sun!  FACE THE SON!!  Turn your faces to the Son. Soak in the Son! There you will find light and life!!