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My favorite season is fall. Cooler temperatures, warm fires, toasted marshmellows, chili dinners with friends, colorful leaves, sweatshirts and fuzzy blankets.

I absolutely love the changing colors! An artist cannot re-create on canvas the colors God  displays during autumn.  It is breathtaking to me!  I love that God creates such beauty and splendor in the color of the leaves before they fall off the trees.  Beauty before the falling off.

I can relate to trees in the autumn months.  I even wish I were a tree at times, getting ready to go from greens to dazzling reds, browns, golds, and oranges.  Change is good.  Trees pretty much get a make-over in the fall, their appearance completely altered.  Breath-taking beauty comes.  People stop to photograph trees in autumn so they can capture the memory of their appearance and not forget the beauty.  Others travel to certain regions of the States just to view trees in the fall.

And then the colder temps come and the trees slowly begin releasing their summer’s burden.  Fall is good.  Beauty and release all in one season.

With the autumn months just beginning, I am wondering what needs to fall away from me.  Like leaves, we accumulate so much on us during the summer months.  Trees have to shed their leaves for new growth, new life.  What do I need to shed so the “new” can grow? Falling away is good.  It’s beauty, cleansing, releasing, readying for the new.

What needs to “fall off” of me this autumn in preparation for winter and then later for spring growth?  Many people despise the fall and winter because of its cold harshness.  But it is a time of rest for the trees, a time of silent, unseen preparation for spring. 

Don’t despise the season you are in.  Embrace it and its purpose.  Now’s the time for beauty, change, and falling off of the extra that must go.  

So with that, I say, “LET IT FALL!”