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Shadows for the most part are simply dark, distorted, and at times, unrecognizeable images of the things or persons they are attached to. (My definition, obviously)  Shadows are fun when we are children.  I remember trying to run away from my shadow, trying to step on it, hiding from it, and laughing at the distorted image of myself displayed on the cracked sidewalk.

If you have ever watched the Disney movie Peter Pan, you will remember that Peter loses his shadow by having the window close on it as he leaves Wendy’s room.  His shadow remains behind and is secreted away in Wendy’s dresser drawer.  Peter returns for it and after finally catching his shadow, he tries to attach it to himself but fails miserably.

Wendy awakens to discover a distraught Peter.  He is frustrated because he cannot do it.  So being a helpful person, she decided to help him reattach his shadow.  Wendy gets out her sewing kit and sews Peter’s shadow back onto his foot so that he can never lose it again.

Shadows…..silhouetted distortions of something real.  If I stand in the right lighting, I can see my shadow, a dark image of me, but not the real me.  Sometimes shadows can be creepy and scary, especially if they make you look too thin or too short or too large.

I have always wondered WHY Peter Pan wanted his shadow reattached to him.  It didn’t define him as a boy, nor could he have lived without it.

I don’t mind my sidewalk shadow one bit.  At my age I still do goofy things to see how silly I can make it appear.  

But I detest the shadows that try to follow me around from my past.  Like Peter Pan, I often wish I was free of some of those shadows, especially the creepy, distorted ones like…..
the shadow of past failures,
the shadow of fear,
the shadow of disappointment,
the shadow of “oh, she’s the one that…….,”
the shadow of loss,
the shadow of broken dreams.

Yes, the list goes on and varies from one person’s story to the next. We all have shadows that, like Peter Pan, we try to reattach to ourselves demanding that it stay attached and follow us around the rest of our lives, at times feeling we MUST or SHOULD keep that shadow attached to us permanently. Why? Because we feel “we deserve it,” or “it’s mine to carry?” Not true!  Some shadows should be left behind and unattached! Especially those that hinder us from moving forward in life!

And we all have the well-meaning, or even mean-spirited, person in our lives who feels it’s their duty to be our WENDY.  You know, the one always trying to reattach our shadow to us.

Let’s make it our goal to only allow the shadow that follows us around naturally cast by the light, NOT the shadows that stalk us or the ones we feel we must drag around. And definitely do not ALLOW another person to keep reattaching the our old shadows to us!

FREEDOM is a gift! Even freedom from past, old, distorted, shadows that try, but fail, to cast an image of who we are. 

Galatians 5:1
GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)
Christ has freed us so that we may enjoy the benefits of freedom. Therefore, be firm in this freedom, and don’t become slaves again.