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My dear friend has experienced some extremely challenging times this past week.  She has seen so very many challenges and survived the ups-and-downs of the emotions in her world.  From fear to elation, confusion to faith,  I can only imagine the whirlwind she has experienced.  And all of this in the midst of “normal life stuff.”

She typed a comment about not seeing how all of the dots were going to connect until some sweet friends came through in that last hour.  She recognized that God was the one who accomplished the impossible for her, who is still making sense out of the crazy pattern of dots in her world.  And she is right!

When the senseless NEEDS to make some sense, when the confusing needs rhyme and reason (or at least a little bit), when the dots need to begin to connect somewhere…..

There are times in life when the dots resemble a simple child’s picture, where the dots are numbered or  close together and a pattern can be detected, the picture can even be seen without all of its dots connected.  Those days, the only way we can possibly get it wrong is if we close our eyes and try to connect the dots.  All the simple picture requires is a sharp pencil and open eyes. Not much more.

Then there are those times when there seems to be absolutely NO picture, NO rhyme nor reason, NO way on earth we can ever make sense of the dots and create a pattern or picture out of it all.  We can either sharpen our pencil and try, or in frustration, break the pencil and throw it across the room.

I have come to find that on those days when the dots just don’t make sense at all, I need be reminded of one simple truth….

Isaiah 41:13 (Amplified Bible)
For I the Lord your God hold your right hand; I am the Lord, Who says to you, Fear not; I will help you!

God is willing and able to help if we only surrender…..


Like a parent helping a child connect the dots of a picture, He will make sense out of the senseless, a picture out of scattered dots.
He is the Great Dot-Connector!!