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So much of my brain activity revolves around home-schooling and the subjects we are actively studying.  Right now it is polygons and perimeter with my 5th grader, plus a touch of grammar involving “good, better, best” and their proper uses.

This is how ridiculous my mind can be sometimes when it has been absorbed in school all day.  I was making pizza dough and was placing the dough on the pan and found myself thinking, “Now that’s an irregular polygon if I ever saw one!”  My rolling pin skills aren’t very good (not better,or best), so my dough wasn’t very rectangular.  It looked more like the state of Illinois.

As you can tell, 5th grade math and grammar affect my life very deeply.  Which got me to thinking about good, better, and best.  And how it relates to God…..(stay with me)

The Bible is full of references that proclaim God is good, the Lord God is good, He is good….I challenge you to spend some time looking for these especially in the book of Psalms.

The simple statement “God is good” holds so much weight!  There are not words enough in the English language to fitly describe the GOODNESS of GOD.  So I struggle with the statement “God is good” as I search for words to convey what I believe and feel about Him.

“God is good” is a foundational statement, a statement of truth, of FACT.  GOD is good.  God IS good.  God is GOOD!  However it rolls off the tongue, there is just not enough emphasis that can be placed on these three simple words.  The Bible says it, therefore, I believe it. Not only do I believe it, but I KNOW it!  God is good! 

Now for a quick English lesson….
Good is used when talking about one thing.
Better is used when comparing 2 things.
Best is used when comparing 3 or more things.
Pretty simple.

A quick example: Milk chocolate is good.  Milk chocolate is better than white chocolate.  Dark chocolate is the best out of all chocolates.  

When I forget that God is good, I need to do the “grammar challenge.”
When I am questioning His goodness because of life’s trials, I must remember that God’s goodness is based  upon ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except the fact that goodness is WHO HE IS.  He can’t help but be good to us.  So when my mind and heart are having the great debate as to God’s goodness, based upon PEOPLE, LIFE, OR CIRCUMSTANCES, this is what I am resolving to do…..I will ask myself to fill in the “good, better, best” blanks.

1.  God is _________.(Answer:  good)

2.  God is _________ than this situation, thing, or person.  (Answer:  better)  “This situation” will be different for each of us, but here’s a few to choose from…..this job loss, this debt, this sickness, this rejection, this denial, this betryal, this broken-heart, this depression, this fear, him/her, this great job, this college degree, this promotion, this achievement. It can be a wonderful or horrific thing that we might compare God to.

3.  God is the __________ of all ‘whatever you are comparing Him to’.  (Answer:  best) Hints on ‘whatever you are comparing Him to’…..relationships, provisions, loves, help, comfort, peace.

I made this easy for you by giving you the answers and hints knowing there’s no way I can touch on all of the issues we deal with.  Fill in your own situations.  Hopefully this will keep you (and me) reminded of how truly good our God is, that He is better than anything that consumes our lives (good or bad), and above all He is the best of EVERYTHING that we will ever need or want.