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For those of you who are interested, I have an exciting announcement to make…..

I FINALLY FINISHED AND RELEASED BOOK 2 OF THE SERIES I HAVE BEEN WRITING!!! I know this is probably more exciting for me than you, but sometimes you just have to let it out!

If you enjoy a bit of Christian fiction, please check out my books:  GLASS MARBLES (a short story), RESCUED (Book 1 of the Alaska’s Aleutian Islands Series), and RETURNED (Book 2 of this series).

Here are the links for ebook and paperbook formats:

GLASS MARBLES (ebook format)

RESCUED (in paperback or ebook formats)

RETURNED (ebook format)

RETURNED (paperback format)
(If you clink on this link, it will direct you to CreateSpace and the order page for RETURNED.)

For those of you not yet familiar with me and my books, please head over to my author’s page at:

Now I am continuing Book 3 of the series hopefully to be released late this fall or early winter of this year.  So, pray for me!  I need to be more disciplined in my time-management and maybe have 6 more hours miraculously added to my days 🙂

My encouragement for you is…..don’t stop dreaming! I know I am still chasing my dreams and seeing some of them come to fruition.  Just make sure you run along side God following Him every step of the way!  It makes the chase so much more enjoyable and do-able!