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It’s THAT time of year again, my favorite.  FALL…..

The changes all around are stunning as the afternoon moon follows me on my walk. From the blue sky above, this moon waits patiently for its turn to shine knowing night will arrive soon enough.  All summer long the moon has had to wait a few hours longer to appear, but now, with the sun’s display shortened, the afternoon moon is getting ready.

Some say the leaves change colors due to the pigment in the foliage, cooler weather, less sunlight, changes in photosynthesis…..all the scientific words and facts that can explain away this beautiful, breath-taking process. Yes, there are scientific explanations to a bit of what happens each autumn.  But I believe the Creator of this world, the artistic Tree-Maker, simply sets into motion this season of rest and rejuvenation, with a brush of His hand, painting this season with gorgeous hues of yellow, red, brown, and orange.  

Crunching across the dried, fallen leaves, I can almost hear the tree breathe a sigh of relief as it looks down at its released burdens.  All of the leaves underfoot are now reminders of things that the tree needed to shed.  Without this shedding of the leaves, then winter’s rest and spring’s new growth wouldn’t be possible.  
I wonder if it is difficult for the tree to shed its once vibrant, green, healthy leaves.  Does it feel the bittersweetness of shedding a burden, one that was once your former glory, or does the tree rejoice in the coming rest because of the falling off of its leaves?  Is there one last tremor in the ends of the slim branches as the tree tries to hang on to the leaf a little longer, or does it welcome the extra help of the strong wind that breaks away the leaf’s final hold?
Walking through the pasture I am captured by a tree in its heightened state of autumn.  I can’t imagine this tree looking any more beautiful that it does at this very moment.  The setting sun shining on the tall, old, oak makes the tree-tops look ablaze.  What a sight!  I can’t help but wonder if the tree knows and feels within its trunk that in a week or so it will be completely barren and leafless, stripped of any sign of life and vitality.
Part of me wants to put my arms around the tree and whisper to it, “You will be just fine.  You will survive the falling away of your leaves.  Right at this moment you are more beautiful to me than you could ever be.  Look at you!  All ablaze in your bright red attire of scarlet leaves!  Stunning!  Your glory is showing, even before the loss that is to come.  But with the loss, there is new life!  I promise…”  (Disclaimer:  I don’t hug or talk to trees, ever. Even to ones that are this gorgeous.)
What about you and me?  Fall is upon us.  Like the trees, do we need to release our hold and let the winds of life strip off the last struggling things that need to fall away.  Truth be told, if we hang on too long, we only delay the rest and new life coming.  Let it all fall away!  There is freedom in the falling, freedom in the release of burdens we don’t need to cling to.
And may I remind you, and myself, that God has the ability to shine on our lives, bringing splendor and glory to the season of release!  Now THAT is good news and hope!  God didn’t have to bring breath-taking beauty to the trees during their time of loss, but He did.  And He will for me and you. 
Let go. 
And watch the glory appear.  Feel the burdens fall away.  Expect the rest to come.  Wait for new life.