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Do you see it?
Look closely.  It’s there.


After weeks of frost, freezing temperatures, ice, a bit of snow, cold, barrenness, dreary days, long dark nights…..It’s here.
GREEN grass!!

I’ve waited, watched, wished.
When will it arrive?  When will Spring show up and show off?

Signs of spring have been all around, even on the last, lingering, cold days of Winter’s hold.
I just needed only to look.
Not with my natural eyes.
But with eyes of FAITH.

Winter is never eternal, though the harshness of winter’s grip may convince me otherwise.
I knew Spring would arrive.  It’s God’s way.

But when?
How long of a wait?

Do you see it? 
No baby birdies yet, but the evidence is there.  The eggs have been laid, and one day, three little birds will be born.  The nest building began a few weeks ago….so I knew, without seeing.  Birds would be born.

My eyes needed to see…..or did they?
In truth, it would have made things easier, seeing signs of Spring.
But down deep where it matters, my heart KNEW.

Spring would happen….again.  How many days must I live until I BELIEVE….forever, down deep…..that God’s promises are true, eternal, enduring, even during the winter season?

How many years of my life must I spend WAITING in the cold harshness and NEEDING to see before I believe?

Look with eyes of faith, knowing that Spring will come not only on earth, but will bud down deep in the soil of the heart.

The heart’s winter season has come to an end.  No more hopelessness, cold lonliness, dreary heartache, hard and harsh days.

I need, YOU need, the love and hope of Christ to SPRING forth in our hearts!
Look for it; it is there, budding, waiting for your notice, just a glance in the right direction so SEE, really SEE the heart’s Spring coming forth.


Isaiah 43:18-19 (TLB)
But forget all that—it is nothing compared to what I’m going to do!  For I’m going to do a brand-new thing. See, I have already begun! Don’t you see it?