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If you are married, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend that you consider divorce.  Actually I will give you 4 reasons to do just that.  

Consider it.  

Then contemplate it.  

Finally, think carefully about it before making a decision.  That’s what the word consider means:  To think carefully about something before making a decision.

Here’s why I want you to consider divorce:

It’s powerful!  Have you ever heard a beautiful musical score that you were so caught up in, your emotions and mind so completely entranced by, your body, soul, and spirit completely captivated…..and then the music stops, suddenly, quickly, without end.

Like a light switch being turned off, leaving you in utter, complete darkness.  Nothing has form or shape or clarity.  It’s just thick black darkness.

The music stops.  The light is gone.

There is power, great earth-shattering power, when the love ends, the one closes off their heart, and the soul-music stops.

It is powerful.

It hurts!  When the music abruptly stops, the once tuned-in ears ache for the ended, lost notes.  The musical score written across the heart aches to continue to be played, but the players have left the stage leaving nothing but an aching silence with their departure.

The light goes out abruptly leaving the eyes to try to adjust to the darkness, but they will never see again until light is returned.  Eyes ache from the sudden shift from brilliant light to engrossing dark.  Always looking but never seeing what once was there.

It hurts.

It tears apart!  Like sheets of carefully composed tones and notes, arranged in a beautiful melody and rhythm, the music is gone.  The pages torn asunder, never to be read and played and heard again.  

The tearing asunder of two joined hearts that have listened to their song is ended.  The only sound left is the ripping and tearing.

It tears apart.

It kills!  The song has ended.  The music is over.  The composed lyrics and tunes no longer have fingers poised to play their beauty.

The killing of the heart’s song leaves souls hopeless and damaged.  

ALL ARE REASONS TO CONSIDER DIVORCE…it’s powerful, it hurts, it tears apart, it kills.

Reason enough to consider, before you act?  I hope so.

Because if you consider divorce (and its mighty effects), you will see that you can play a crucial role in keeping the music playing, the song from dying out, the light from dimming, the heart from dying.

Consider divorce long and hard.  Ponder it, think on it.  Contemplate it.

AND THEN CONSIDER THIS:  Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love never ends.

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Trudy Samsill is a proud Texas resident. Wife to one wonderful man for 30 years and mommy to four precious children, she spends her time writing, home-schooling, and bird-watching. Her main passion is found with pen and paper in hand while writing stories to inspire and encourage her readers. Trudy has written a short story for teens, GLASS MARBLES, and completed her first 3 Book series: RESCUED, RETURNED, and REDEEMED (Alaska’s Aleutian Island Series). She can also be found writing on her 2 blogs at (an Inspirational Devotional blog) and at (mentoring the next generation blog).