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Hello Readers!! 

HAPPY SUMMER!! I hope you are planning a great family vacation or at least a stay-cation during the upcoming, summer months. If you’re like me, you MUST have several books on hand to get you through the hot months ahead along with a cold drink!  Books are my mini-escape, even if for only a few minutes in my day and hopefully for several hours of down-time in my week.

 Sooooo….with that being said, may I humbly suggest a few titles that you may not have read by now.  If you have read them, then please do what all authors want their readers to do….TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THE BOOK THAT THEY JUST CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT!  These titles that I would again, humbly (I have a hard time selling my self!) suggest are written by ME!  

Want a 3 book series to get you through the summer?  It’s set in Alaska and Washington, so that might cool things off, at least in your imagination, for a bit.  If you want to visit a fictional area in the Aleutian Islands Chain, these are the books for you.  Complete with real-life struggles, encompassing both young men and the older generation, you will find a wonderful get-away enriched with love, trials, romance, missionaries, the Aleutian culture, and adventure set in the 1960’s.  This series is dear to my heart and I still have to convince myself the characters aren’t real 🙂  

NOTE:  all of these books are for ages teens to adults!!


For the 3 book series (ebook format) click this link: RESCUED, RETURNED, and REDEEMED, by Trudy Samsill.

Or you can order each book individually in ebook or paperback by clicking these links:

 RESCUED, Book 1 of Alaska’s Aleutian Island Series by Trudy Samsill

RETURNED, Book 2 of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands Series by Trudy Samsill

REDEEMED, Book 3 of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands Series by Trudy Samsill

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST, my latest book, FINDING THE BEAUTIFUL by Trudy Samsill.  Goodness gracious, this book is such an out pouring of my heart to anyone who would dare to read it!  I want every person on this planet to be able to embrace the message of this story and find the beautiful in their everyday lives, whether in trials or tragedy, easy seasons or difficult ones.  We all need to “find the beautiful” in each moment.  I hope you fall in love with this tale!


I hope this gives you a few ideas on your SUMMER READING!!

In Christ Alone,

Trudy Samsill