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I’ve had many questions about my latest book, FINDING THE BEAUTIFUL by Trudy Samsill, so I thought that on this hot, Texas morning I would pour myself a Coke Zero (don’t judge) and give my readers a “behind the scenes peek” AND allow you to download the book’s PROLOGUE (download link is at the end of this post) to hopefully whet your appetite for this dear-to-my-heart story.

A lot happened during the writing of this book that caused the heart of the story to form.  I attribute these events to shaping the theme and idea of this story:  to look for what is beautiful in every situation and to make that beauty your own.  If you know me or have followed my blog, you know our family suffered the loss of two family members, three months apart.  These events happened when I was about 1/3 of the way through FINDING THE BEAUTIFUL.  

Honestly, I laid my pen and notebook and computer down for 6 months and simply couldn’t write a word in this story.  During these trying times of helping sick loved ones and their ultimate home-going to Jesus Christ, it was difficult to focus on anything but what was going on around us and the pain we were all going through as a family.  Feelings of numbness, emptiness, and defeat were the first companions to greet my mornings and then usher me into bed at night, weary and worn out.  I couldn’t come up with a single word for my book.  It just wasn’t there.

I had begun a practice about 11 years ago after moving to our spot in Paradise, TX of daily stepping out on our wrap around porch, reading my Bible, watching the birds, frogs, turkeys, road runners, cows, and any other creature that inhabits this area, or simply watching the sun rise or set in its proper place.  I would look for what made me happy in nature and my surroundings.  Clouds, flowers, trees….beauty surrounded me and I absorbed my daily dose whenever I could steal away for a while.  It settled my soul and brought peace and joy.  

But after several months stretch into a year and life takes you on unexpected twists and turns, it’s easy to lose sight of a routine or daily practice.  They are easily, unconsciously replaced with stress, worry, to-do-lists, care and concerns of life that, if left unchecked, will rob you of what you NEED to keep you sane and upright during trying times.  I abandoned the practice of getting my daily dose of beauty and peace and allowed life, its events, and pain to replace my much needed time of stillness.  It happens to all of us.  We lose sight of what is precious and choose what is practical.  We choose that moment’s need or demand over our soul’s needs and demands.

My life’s motto began to be “find the beautiful” even in the midst of difficulty and pain.  Find what is lovely and true and good and praise-worthy and think on these things. I KNEW I needed to return to this habit to find some sanity and peace again.

So I did….and slowly, I could breathe again.  I could smile again.  I found peace again.  I remembered God was THERE, in the moment with me.

And that’s when the theme of FINDING THE BEAUTIFUL took shape.  

A family member had shared a story with me several years ago that jumped in my heart, calling me to write it into a book.  I couldn’t NOT write this story.  Though I never met the woman in the true story, I fell in love with her heroine’s heart to save herself and her child.  After “meeting” such a young girl with a heart to protect, I knew I wanted to tell her story.  To allow for anonymity, I changed names, locations, and some events, having to create the rest of the story that I didn’t know with details over the years of its happening. I could see how the hardships of this real life story could be very difficult and challenging to say the least.  I WANTED the heroine to live a life, though a hard one, full of hope and beauty in the midst of great challenges.  That’s where “finding the beautiful” became the theme of this book, from my own personal experience of committing to this practice, and my desire to weave this practice into the story’s tale. 

So if you are interested in reading FINDING THE BEAUTIFUL by Trudy Samsill, click the title and you will be redirected to Amazon to order your copy.  I really hope you enjoy this story and that you seek to find the beautiful in your world.


Finding the Beautiful by Trudy Samsill