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Good morning!  Hope your summer is going well. Just wanted to share a few thoughts with you today…..

I have several great apps on my iphone that makes the marketing side of being an author a bit easier.  It’s a time saver that allows me to schedule posts on my social media with images, hashtags, upcoming book news, new blog posts, etc.  Using these apps today got me to thinking…..I wish someone would invent LIFE APPS, something that I could schedule,  preview, and edit what’s ahead for my personal life calendar.  Brilliant, huh?

Personally I think a life app would be a great idea.  Then we could foresee what’s ahead, edit out the bad stuff, add in more good stuff, plan, tweak, and remove the flaws until our hearts are content.  But we all know, life doesn’t work this way.

In a couple months, I turn the big 5-0!  Gracious, how did that happen so fast?  REALLY?  Half a century of my life is almost over?  So for the next half, I would really like to schedule in my life some extra good stuff, lose a little weight, shed debt, sell more books….and on and on my list would go.  Though not reality, it’s a nice thought.  A life app…..

I can’t help but wonder if I had the control to use an imagined LIFE APP, what would I miss out on by removing what I might deem as unpleasant or uneventful or even painful in my world?  Storms bring rain; rain brings rainbows.  

In a few days ahead, I would love to have a life app to edit some things out.  My sister will be facing the first anniversary of her husband’s home-going.  But broken hearts must feel the pain before they can really mend.  Of course we wish our loved ones were still here, but if he was, health, wholeness, and heaven wouldn’t be his REALITY today!!  And we would miss the tender hand of God, the encouraging voice of God, the strength of family and friends, and the fresh rush of dear, treasured memories that we cling to all the more.

This world yields enough trouble for each of us.  No, we can’t schedule it out, pre-plan it, edit or tweak it, but we CAN get through it and overcome.  Some things just have to be “gone through” not “gone around.”  And in the going through, we discover an inner strength in Christ, a peace that passes all understanding, and a joy unspeakable because we weren’t alone.  

My encouragement to you is to allow Jesus Christ to be your Savior and best Friend.  All you have to do is ask.  Then find a local church and a group of people that will walk the stuff of life out beside you. Pick up your dusty Bible and start here, with Jesus’ prayer to God, His Father.  You might just find your real LIFE APP among these words…..

Life Apps by Trudy Samsill

Again, thanks for reading my musings….I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

In Christ Alone,

Trudy Samsill