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If you’ve followed me and my blog the last couple years, you know I pray and ask God to give me a word for the New Year, selfishly for me, but I willingly share with it with you :-).  I ask God for one that will propel me/you into the New Year.  One that will ring in my ears louder than the party horns and noise-makers from a boisterous New Year’s Eve celebration.  One that will blow in truth and much needed reminders when January quickly ends its debut, when April blooms with promises of spring, when the Texas heat of August burns relentlessly, and when the stark cold days of winter creep in by early December.  One word that I can whisper to myself on those days when I need it the most.  So here it is….


I love that word!  It caught me by surprise when I sat in my darkened dining room, staring out into a dismal, sunless, dreary day of December.  You know those days….when you long for the sun to shine on your shoulders and to flicker between the bare tree branches promising warmer days ahead.  The day I sought God for my “word” was not bright, nor was it sunny.  So ILLUMINATE was the last word I expected to hear.  It surprised me in a wonderful way after I decided to embrace it.

What does illuminate really mean?  I’m so glad you asked so that my time spent with the dictionary wasn’t wasted.  I KNOW what it means I just wanted to REALLY know.  

Illuminate means brightened with light;  intellectually or spiritually enlightened; to make clear; to radiate with light.

2017 brought many challenges for most of us individually, to this nation, to the church as a whole.  It often felt dark, bleak, pathless, and very, very, uncertain.  So why not the word illuminate?  I know I could use some clarity, brightness, and light.  And my guess would be, you could too.

So here’s my heartfelt prayer for myself, for you.

Illuminate my life with Your presence. 

Shine in my dark places and provide for me the light of Your truth.  

Radiate my entire being with Your glory to bring healing, wholeness, and health: body, soul, and spirit.

Suffuse my world and this world I live in with the light of Your great love to dispel all division and hate.

Brighten my gloomy days with Your Spirit to remind me of Your faithfulness.

Set ablaze the path for my feet to see the direction You are leading me.

Illuminate my life with Your Presence so that I may know You more and lead others to You.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May 2018 be your best year yet, full of God’s presence and love!

Trudy Samsill #illuminate2018

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