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I am thrilled you are visiting my site. Hopefully you will see a combination of several things in my little virtual world you have just entered. I am all about inspiration, words, family, others….you get the idea. And you may as well call me Tru. Most everyone else does.

A little about me….

I was born and raised in Alabama and made my way to Texas with the family when I was a teen. I met my Prince Charming right when I graduated from high school and we quickly married.

A few years later we started our family and were blessed with three boys spaced five years apart. I often say that God knew I needed a five year gap between my guys so I could be a fairly good mommy and all of us not go crazy! Then after another five years….I had my sweet princess. What a perfect way to end the pregnant years! Oh how I adore my children!! They are my gifts from God, each unique, special, and absolutely darling! (The boys get tired of me calling them darling but I can’t help it!)

As of this writing, I have been married to my sweetheart for 29 years and two of my children are adults, with one of them recently married to the love of his life! We have homeschooled for 20-something years. I am NOT the average “homeschool mom.” I am known as the mommy who was always a little different from the rest. Between you and me, I secretly like to cause a stir, just a mild one.

When I was a younger mom, my spiked hair raised some eyebrows in our homeschool circle, then years later after I grew my hair back out, my foot tattoo caused some heads to shake in consternation. I don’t grind wheat for our bread, nor do I make homemade butter, nor can my children speak Latin. I have no issues with the families who do these things; it’s just that I choose not to. Wal-Mart has butter and bread! Seriously, I try to focus my time and energy on those things that I am passionate about, and making butter is not one of them!

The teacher who changed my life…

Somewhere during my high school years, I had “one of those” teachers that spoke a few words to me that I haven’t been able to forget, even in my forties. She said, “Trudy, you can write. You should focus your skills in this area. You are good.” I must say, I got straight A’s on all of my papers in English and Comp, but that did nothing to boost my confidence that maybe, just maybe, one day I could do what I enjoyed….writing.

So in my mid-forties, I got brave and decided to just try it! I entered a few writing contests, submitted a short story for teens, and really enjoyed the whole process. That’s when the whole digital book phenomenon caught my eye.

I must confess something here. I love pens, highlighters, journals, notebooks, and yes, even crayons! I am a pen and paper gal. I do hate black and blue ink pens and #2 pencils. They are just too average and boring for this chic. I love the feel of turning pages in a book and conquering chapters as I read. With a digital book, you can’t hear the pages turn or hold the paper book in your hands.

I said all of that to help you see how much of a challenge it has been for me to jump into the digital world of writing. I had a very stern talk with myself about this and came to the conclusion that IF I was going to try writing, then I had to go with the flow of things and enter the digital age.

Jumping in with both feet…..

So I did just that; I jumped in with both flip-flop shod feet. With a lot of patience, God-talks, teen-ager help, friends, family, chocolate, coffee, red wine, and lots of neck rubs, I tried it! I really did. I took the plunge and wrote my first e-book. Completely experimental. And it worked! I actually could figure out how to do it…..the formatting, covers, table of contents…..heavens, it was a challenge.

Hopefully you will be interested in my first, fledgling book. In its pages, there is a hint of my own high school years. I worked for two summers at a camp for Down Syndrome children so between the pages of GLASS MARBLES, you will see me and some of the special people I once knew. A short story written for teens, GLASS MARBLES was my first e-book and the springboard for my other book-writing ventures.

If you are interested in my other books, please click on the BOOKS tab for information on my first series: RESCUED, RETURNED, and REDEEMED (Book 3 was just released this summer of 2015!). This Christian-fiction series is set in the late 1960’s and is based on American missionaries and their mission trips to the Alaskan Aleutian Islands. Hopefully you will fall in love with the characters and the Alaskan setting. I know I did! 🙂

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy all you find on this site. I would love to meet you and hear from you, digitally-speaking of course.

In Christ Alone,
Trudy Samsill


Trudy and her family

Back porch view of Trudy's Paradise

Local book signing - Oct. 2014

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