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Finding the Beautiful

Samantha Jean Owens, a young Mississippi girl turned wife at an early age, learns what it means to seek for and find beauty in the middle of her world that has turned ugly. Despite the fact that she brought this on herself, the young woman determines to make the best of things in her darkening existence. A little too late, Samantha realizes the man she thought was made of the stuff of her girlhood dreams is quite the opposite. Determined to keep her marriage in tact, Samantha finds hope and help in a left-behind Bible whose original owner seemed to know she would need the sacred words for survival.

Twists and turns of events cause her world to spin out of orbit as she finds herself running for her life to an unknown place and an unknown people to protect herself and another precious soul very dear to her. Will Samantha find what her heart has always longed for, or will darkness and uncertainty be her only companions?

Set in the coal mining town of Whataker, Mississippi, follow Samantha on her quest for all things beautiful, for what touches her heart and soul, bringing beauty into an unlovely world. The variety of characters in this quaint town will leave the reader longing to take a trip to Whataker, back in the 1940s, and walk hand in hand with Samantha as she figures out her young life.

What people are saying about Finding the Beautiful…

Loved it!
This book was wonderful. It had alot of reminders to apply ‘finding the beautiful’ in my every day life. The characters are very relatable and I found myself trying to tell my husband about the latest drama between them like they were people that we knew. My favorite book so far from this author.
Amazon Reader

Redeemed (Alaska’s Aleutian Island Series)

Book 3

In the final book of Trudy Samsill’s Christian fiction novels, Alaska’s Aleutian Island Series, follow the stories of Rose and Gabe, Ed and Jade, Yuri and Luka, and other beloved characters from Rescued (Book 1) and Returned (Book 2).

You will fall in love with the younger men and women as they struggle to determine the plan for their futures, and with the older characters while they seek to find out what remains with the rest of their lives.

This series was written for teens to adults alike to enjoy, filled with hope, inspiration, romance, struggles, and real life issues among the backdrop of 1960’s Alaska’s fictional Datka Island.

Returned (Alaska’s Aleutian Island Series)

Book 2

RETURNED, the second book in this series, is set in 1968. Readers will follow Rose’s journey as she finds out who she really is. Will her love for the American missionary, Gabriel Parker, flourish or will their differences keep them apart?

Work on Datka Island gets underway as the missionary team helps restore the Island after several young men destroyed homes and the school. These young men, one including Rose’s brother, Andrew, spend the next few months running away from the destruction they caused, which only leads to further pain for the inhabitants of Datka.

Love and war seem to define two on the missionary team. Ed and Jade are caught in a battle of wills and emotions as they try to work together and figure out their relationship. The newly developed Alaska State Troopers headquarters is troubled with problems of their own as Sergeant Will Walker does his best to help Datka and work to better his own community of Seal Harbor, Alaska.

Will’s authority, skills, and patience are tried as he does his best to aid his new friends of Datka. The inhabitants of Datka long for the return of some of their young people as they look to the future in hopes to better their community. New plans and new dreams are pursued as they work on the rebuilding projects with their missionary friends trying to undo the wrong that has been done to them.

Book 2 will cause readers to fall in love with the characters and their plight. Cited as Christian Fiction, RETURNED is a book for ages teens to older adults who enjoy a story that is heart-warming, faith-filled, and full of life’s triumphs and tragedies.

What people are saying about Returned

Even better than the first (Rescued)
I really enjoyed this one. The story and characters are filling out with details and the suspense is building. Good mix of romance, danger and suspense balanced with some surprising twists of hopeful events. I’m looking forward to the next book!
Pam B

Rescued (Alaska’s Aleutian Island Series)

Book 1

Set in the late 1960’s,book one of Alaska’s Aleutian Island Series, RESCUED is about an Aleutian young woman, Rose, who is seeking to find out who she really is. Knowing there are questions to her identity, Rose begins wondering about her differences. But her questioning is interrupted when her brother and his friends make choices that bring harm to her Island’s village and their families.

Haunted by dreams and his own life’s questions, Gabe, an Amercian missionary, along with his missionary parents travel to Datka Island, in the Aleutian Island chain, to bring aid and relief to their Aleutian Indian friends. Relationships spark as the missionaries and Aleutians reconnect and help is brought to the suffering Island village.

This is the first book in a 3 book series that will leave readers from teens to older adults waiting for the next continuing novel. Readers will fall in love with the Aleutians and Americans alike as they discover hope in mankind and faith in God between its pages.

What people are saying about Rescued


I am not one who reads books very fast and I get bored easily if I’m not captivated within the first couple of chapters. This book definitely held my attention. I couldn’t put it down! I fell in love with all the characters as I envisioned myself there on that island. There’s romance, adventure, and evil lurking around the little town and God is right in the center drawing people to Him. Best book I’ve read in a long time!
Jennifer Banning

Glass Marbles

Meredith finds herself without anything to do for the summer, no boyfriend, no job and things just not turning out the way she planned for her high school summer. Her parents are very busy with their own lives and no help to her in finding something to occupy her time.

Things suddenly seem even more bleak for Meredith and her only option for something to occupy her summer looks very uninteresting to her. Without much choice, Meredith finds hope and thankfulness in the strangest of places, working with Down Syndrome children.

This short story will engage any teen to younger adult and offer hope and encouragement to its readers.

What people are saying about Glass Marbles

Nicely done
When I read a story the first thing I look for is a reason to care about the characters. I was immediately interested in this story, the plot idea is direct and doesn’t wander. The only thing I wanted was MORE! I hope Trudy will write a sequel so I can find out what happens in the next months.
Laura Tucker

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